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Twelvefold Collective
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Twelvefold Collective is a contract-based pop-up project management service. With a specialization in digital marketing, we develop solutions that empower organizations with the tools needed to build sustainable systems for marketing to today's consumers, with smart audience targeting, and savvy fundraising initiatives. 

With the right tools, we believe small businesses can achieve a solid baseline for success, one that connects audience members, funding partners, and business allies to ensure long-term success. And because every client’s needs are unique, Twelvefold assembles a fresh team of marketing professionals for each contract. By bringing together emerging and established creatives, we aim to build innovative collaborations and lasting community connections. 

We've worked with theatre companies, magazines, national charities, and even podcasts. Our favourite projects are the ones that let us experiment, build skills, and push the envelope on what an organization thinks is possible.